Getting to know CSS Grid with Past Present Future

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Since the release of CSS grid I've been waiting for fresh build to try the new specification out with. Then Past Present Future came along, a new project with Environment Lethbridge that aims to engage people with Lethbridge's relationship to the environment - historically, currently, and speculatively. The content is a mix of archival material, quotes, graphs, and photographs, broken up into topical sections - lots of variety in size and shape that would make for interesting layouts with CSS grid.

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Talk for Architecture & Design NOW

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On October 27th I will be speaking in the Architecture and Design NOW series at the University of Lethbridge. If you would like to attend, here is more info.

This talk will focus on my practice in information visualization (infovis), which has largely been shaped by my background in design, a deep rooted connection to the people and landscape in Alberta, and a desire to engage with public interest and activist topics. Infovis is an extremely powerful tool for improving comprehension of complex information and its recent adoption in creative fields has lead to a surge of new applications. Meanwhile, technology fluctuates, access to information is variable, and best practices in infovis, design, and activism often conflict with each other. In my talk I will discuss my experience navigating through these opportunities and challenges and show the body of work that has emerged.

June: Eyeo and DRS

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It's a conference crawl! In June, Leanne and I will be attending back-to-back conferences, The Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis and DRS 2014 in Umea, Sweden.

Eyeo has an incredible list of speakers discussing (and teaching) creative code, data visualization, art tech, and more. A few of my current heros will be there: Evelyn Eastmond, Libs Elliott, Fernanda Viégas, Giorgia Lupi, Stefanie Posavec, Imogen Heap, Jer Thorp, Kyle McDonald, Kim Rees, Lauren McCarthy, and Robert Hodgin, to name a few. Of course, I can't wait to discover the rest. Oh, and we'll be arriving to Eyeo by an overnight train, so lots of time to peruse the schedule and speaker list.

DRS 2014 is held by the Design Research Society. Leanne and I will be presenting a co-authored paper there (see previous blog post). The list of speakers at DRS is extensive. Good thing we will have 20 hours of daylight in this northern community to take advantage of everything the week has to offer ;)

Accepted to DRS 2014!

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I am pleased to report that a paper that I co-authored with Leanne has been accepted to the DRS 2014 conference in Umea, Sweden! The paper proposes a model for art/science collaboration based on Leanne's Ecotone project. I apply the model to my master's thesis project, Here | Now | Look | See, for which I collaborated with Dr. Stefan Kienzle in the Department of Geography. We will be presenting at the conference on June 18.