Now: an accumulation of the past

Created using HTML5 and CSS

Created using HTML5 and CSS

This visualization focuses on providing context and suggesting significance for the quantity of time that the climate data represents. Since the experience of time is relative to our own observations, a narrative was created comparing the duration of sixty years to the history of human experience in Alberta, from the first evidence of human activity 14,014 years ago, to the first known European 260 years ago, to the current average Canadian lifespan of 80 years.

The design concept went through several iterations and arrived at this one due to how the data (the different periods of time) is represented as widths of images (or the pink block of colour for sixty years) that adjust with the display size. The widths of each section have been mathematically determined so that sixty years shifts in proportion to where you are in the timeline.  Incorporating transitions became particularly important in maintaining the users orientation while also maximizing the width of the display as the total length of time for each stage.


Although this visualization walks the line of objectivity the most due to its implicit reference to anthropological land use and climate change, I felt it was important to show that while 60 years might seem like a long time for change to occur, it is minute compared to our total history in the area.